Fran on Holidays last year

Fran on Holidays last year
Vino at Mercatello

Friday, September 21, 2012


This is a beautiful place to spend a few days or more!
Today some great markets, a lovely lunch , an aperitif and dinner at a lovely little restaurant . Tomorrow off to Verona.

Narelle bought a great leather coat from Pasquale! He was the true Italian charmer. She couldn't make up her mind. The coat was gorgeous but it was expensive. He was doing his best and then didn't like it when I suggested she think about it and come back! He used all his charm and she finally agreed on a price and the deal was done! Check out the photo on Facebook!

Bought some lovely red loafers at the markets. Anne and I are having a scarf competition! Andwe all bought some colourful Italian china.

Lovely dinner at a little family run trattoria . Though we think they are over the summer and ready for a break! Not quite as friendly as they could be! Food however was delicious.

A wander along the water front, a little dance in the piazza near our apartment and bed.

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