Fran on Holidays last year

Fran on Holidays last year
Vino at Mercatello

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 2 at Taormina

Oh how I love Italy! La vita bella!!!!!

It's so full of life and fun and just sitting at a bus stop, by a cool fountain, in the park or in your favourite bar with and Aperol spritz in hand provides one with enough entertainment to last a day.

We had a beautiful breakfast on the terrace at our Hotel Villa Schuler. For anyone travelling to Taormina I can't recommend this hotel more highly. It's in a great position a street below the main Corso, and is run by a family who have been here for many years. It says it only 2 stars but don't believe it. There is such attention to detail and the staff are magnificent .

After breakfast we strolled along to the jardini communale and they are a picture. Peaceful in a town almost overrun by tourists. From there we caught a bus just outside the town gate for a 20 min ride up hair pin turns to a little village called Castlemola - why did they ever put a fort way up there? It's perched on the top of a hill and why they ever put it on this hill one can only guess. It's a sleepy little town and it welcomes new visitors every hour as that is when the bus arrives and people only stay about an hour!

But that's enough to wander the little number of streets. Some of the hardy tourists with perfect knees walk back down to Taormina but we caught the bus for another bit of excitement. Passing other buses on the narrow road is a feat for the experienced driver only.

Local traffic policewoman at Castelmolo - making the most of available space
We wandered back to the hotel to collect our things to take another exciting ride - this time on the funicular down to the coast/ beach for an afternoon swim. For us a bit of training for our trek.
 We managed to find a little narrow bit of public beach as we didn't  want a deck chair at 7 euro for the afternoon. Disaster struck!
 I was  stung on the face by some sort of jellyfish ! it was awful. I'll write more on this topic when I feel I can face it!

International Power Turtle Congress - Taormina 2013
A great passegiatto - a second classy wedding - some great fashions and the bride arrived in a Ferrari that had more photos taken of it than of her! We think the father was a mafia don!
The Don and his princess

The bridal carriage!

Great dinner at Il Cappucine - salmon, anchovies that melted in the mouth and some nice wine!

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