Fran on Holidays last year

Fran on Holidays last year
Vino at Mercatello

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ortygia on a Sunday

Definitely had a slower start today. We're staying at the Hotel Roma on Via Roma but in Siracusa ! And last night was party night in the town.

On the evening before we enjoyed a wonderful drink watching the street theatre / passing parade. We saw 3 nuns with v. comfy sandals. Three brides posing for photos, a man selling balloons, a girl on roller skates, a young boy fighting imaginary dragons with his sword, an African lady braiding hair and Micky Mouse!
All while drinking my evening Aperol spritz!

Piazza on a Sunday
For dinner we found a little "out of the way" Taverna recommended by the hotel. It was on a little piazza and setting up near by were part of the evening"show" in this case a lights and music festa. Lights were to be reflected into the wall of one of the ancient buildings. Took them ages and as usual the set up was more entertaining than the final show when it started an hour and a half later.
We enjoyed lovely food and shared a bottle of chilled white as the weather was so hot.

So that's why we were late starting today! Then it was coffee and a walk along the waterfront looking for the Avis car rental for tomorrow.
We decided to get the bus to the Parco Archelogico and see the Greek and Roman ruins. We had a long wait which gave us time to observe the locals. Interesting bunch!

The park was large and set up for the theatre that is presently on. If it had been opera we would have bought tickets as the setting in the Greek anfiteatro would be wonderful. But a Greek play! Not in the mood.The park was large and generally unkept and had absolutely no tourist friendly signs! Incredible. No maps, signs, nothing to help guide you around. We had our own guide book with a small section on the park but that was it.

Walked back through Siracusa crossed the bridge and had a drink at the first bar we saw in Ortygia . It is definitely the best place to stay. Loads of atmosphere.
Did a little shopping in the evening - Steve won the shopping for the day - 3 pairs of shoes!
Italian speaking going ok. Getting better each day.
Rest time now and then out for afternoon passeggiata and my Aperol spritz and Steve's fav Campari.

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