Fran on Holidays last year

Fran on Holidays last year
Vino at Mercatello

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday - Market Day

Tuesday - Market Day

Slept well despite my sore arm from dragging my bag! 

Off to school and was put in with better students - so there are 4 girls.
Lesley, German 28 lives here with her boyfriend and speaks so well! Carla, 25 into the 3rd week of an intensive and living for a few months in the area! Also good. Melissa, 18, French, from Monaco, filling in time after leaving school . Also quite good - and me! Struggling to keep up. They are very nice though. 
The new teacher for us, Irene, thinks she has the lower class as she did some really basic stuff that even I could do. Poor Lesley was quite bored. Hope she comes back tomorrow. 
Last night did my little bit of supermarket shopping - but in the little stores near my place. A lovely  deli  had some great pesto, bread, and a few other things. I have missed the Italian food! 
So this afternoon I'm back at school watching an Italian movie and hoping to understand what is going on . I think the 3 girls in my class are all heading home and don't need to watch the film as they probably go to the movies here anyway. 
Will keep you posted! 

Oh yes , it was market day in town and I visited after clas but didn't buy anything! Not even the shoes I liked as there is no room in the bag! 

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